Our mission is to promote the education, enjoyment, science and stewardship of native wildflowers and their habitats

About Us

WAM is a not-for-profit, member-based organization run by board members who meet on a quarterly basis. We are committed to being a resource for residents in Michigan (homeowners, corporations, land managers, educators, naturalists, and others) who wish to learn more about native plants and their associated habitats. We advocate for and provide education on native plants and native landscaping through our conference, our website, our grant program, and our quarterly newsletter.

We are best known for our annual conference, a two-day educational seminar that attracts hundreds of people from the Great Lakes area. Speakers include local, regional and national experts on various plant species, native plant communities, current research, invasive species control, environmental concerns, wildlife, native garden designs and more. We provide inspiration and practical information to residents, land managers and educators so they can pursue their own projects at home, work, school or in their own neighborhood.

Our grant program is also an important aspect of our association. This self-funded program encourages educators to teach the value of native plants and habitats by providing grant money to classrooms or schools that make a commitment to utilizing native plants on their school campuses.

Board Members